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Tent sites

There are many different options for accommodation in Hemavan, but during the summer period it can be nice to spend a night or two outdoors. We have a tent site for you!

Price per tent: 150 SEK / night
STF Price: 100 SEK / night

For the price, you can use our service house, which is easily accessible from the tent sites.  Call us for booking +4695430002.

Hiking in Hemavan

Hemavan is a more quiet place in summer than in winter. The midnight sun rests over the peaks of the mountains. From here you can also reach the Kungsleden, which is one of the world’s longest and perhaps most beautiful hiking trails. It stretches across the entire Lapland mountain from Abisko far up north to Hemavan.

If you instead just want to go on a day trip and enjoy the proximity to the village’s amenities / activities, there are very many gems for that.

Among other things, there is Atoklimpen. The area by Atoklimpen is a Sami cultural environment that shows how the reindeer herding nomadic community used the landscape during prehistoric times and until today. It is a trail of about 7 km starting from Atostugan and then climbs upwards at about 1006 meters above sea level.

Drottningleden is another very beautiful alternative for beginners for those who want to hike and possibly spend the night in the mountains. There are small streams where you can drink water and wash yourself. Bring your tent and enjoy the silence of the night in the mountains. This runs between Laisaliden and Hemavan and is about 10 km easy road, perfect to take a taxi to Laisaliden and then go back. Another option could be to cycle the trail and then follow the country road back.

With a lot of other options, Hemavan shines in the summer sun. Guide maps are available at our reception, if you want to plan your tours, you can read more here about great tours in the area.


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